【 Magic sign Certificate exchange code 】

ordinary description This certificate has no after-sales service and is valid for one year. The possibility of revocation by Apple is not excluded during the validity period. Will not be available in case of cancellation.

senior This certificate is stable and valid for one year. In case of revocation certificate detected by Apple within half a year after sale, a new certificate will be automatically added (The symbol of advanced certificate shall be worn with V).

Disclaimer: The certificate is the binding device UDID. The binding certificate can only be used by the device. Other devices are invalid. The UDID code is the unique identification code of Apple devices. No matter how you upgrade your swipe certificate, it will be available (unless the mobile phone repair and hardware change may cause the UDID code to change, which is no longer after sales or compensation). Magic sign is a free signing tool, please do not sign any illegal IPA.